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Hi My name is Onyinye


In case you're trying to pronounce my name it's pronounced [O-Yin-Yay].

Creating characters and telling stories are the things I love to do. However, they're things I know I can get better at as well.  I spend most of my time learning how to draw better and learning how to write better to tell more intriguing hair-raising heartfelt stories.


Character Design, Comics, Writing, Storyboarding,

3D (needs work but I can do it)


Tools of Trade?

Traditional: Watercolor, Pencil, paper, markers, gouache, and ink,

Digital: Artisul display tablet and PainTool Sai/Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint for comics.



Favorite Medium?

Digital (only because of ctrl+z), Watercolor and as of recent markers.

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